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Pet Policy, Agreement, and Lease Addendum

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The Rocky Mount Housing Authority, as required by Section 526 of the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act (QHWRA), will permit public housing residents to have a pet within the following conditions and guidelines.

  1. The Head-of-Household must enter into a Pet Agreement with the Housing Authority (as attached) and provide annually to the Housing Authority proof of the pet's good health to include documentation supporting licensing, vaccination, spaying, neutering, and/or declawing for cats.

  2. The HA will permit only one pet per household and must be one of the following types of pets:
    • One (1) spayed or neutered* dog, adult weight of no more than 20 lbs (adult weight)
      no more than 18" in height; cannot be of a vicious or hostile breed; or
    • One (1) spayed or neutered* cat which must be declawed; or
    • One (1) fish tank with a maximum capacity of 10 gallons; or
    • One (1) hamster or guinea pig which must be maintained in a cage at all times.
      *If puppy or kitten, spaying or neutering must occur within six (6) months of age.
  3. A pet deposit in the amount of $200 is required.  The Pet owner may gradually accumulate this pet deposit by paying no less than a $50 deposit and paying $10 per month until the deposit is paid in full within a one-year period.  The deposit is refundable only if there are no damages attributable to the pet upon removal of the pet, or if the unit is vacated, whichever occurs first.  This does not apply to a Service Animal or Support Animal.

  4. In the event of a pet causing a nuisance/disturbance or failure of the household to comply with the terms and conditions of the Pet Agreement, the HA will give written notice that the pet is to be removed from the premises. Failure to comply with the terms of the Pet Agreement or failure to remove the pet will be grounds for lease termination.

  5. The HA will not permit visiting pets and only pets authorized by an executed Pet Agreement are permitted.

  6. In the event of default by the resident of any of the terms of this agreement/addendum resident agrees, upon proper written notice of default from the HA, to cure the default, remove the pet, or vacate the premises. Resident agrees that the HA may revoke permission to keep said pet on the premises by giving the Resident proper written notice.

  7. The HA may use the pet deposit, as is reasonably necessary, to repair damages or cleaning made necessary by said pet. At the termination of this Addendum and the Lease, any balance shall be added to the security deposit required under the lease, and thereafter, disbursed by Law. Resident agrees to pay the HA for any damages or costs caused by the pet in excess of the security deposit on demand by the HA. Resident's liability for damages caused by his/her pet is not limited to the amount of the pet security deposit and the resident will be required to reimburse the HA for the real cost of any and all damage caused by his/her pet where they exceed the amount of the pet security deposit. Soiling damage to walls, carpet, flooring, or the ceiling of the unit below (if applicable) caused by breakage or spillage from an aquarium shall be the responsibility of the resident.

  8. Dogs and cats must be maintained within the pet owner's unit. When outside, the pet must be kept on a leash and under the control of the resident or resident's household at all times. Pets are not permitted to remain in common areas, community building, or the HA's office. Pets must be hand carried through common areas such as stairways, etc.

  9. Pet owners will be responsible for removal of pet waste. The HA will impose a separate charge of $10.00 per occurrence for removal of pet waste should the resident a fail to do so. Cat litter must not be disposed of by flushing down toilets and charges for unclogging toilets will be imposed should cat litter be found in clogged line. Pet waste must be disposed of in sealed plastic trash bags.

  10. Pet owners shall assume sole responsibility for liability arising from any injury sustained by any person that is attributable to a owner's pet. Resident agrees by execution of the Agreement to hold the Housing Authority harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, suits, judgements, and demands brought by any other party on account of or in connection with any activity of or damage caused by the Resident's pet.

  11. Any pet which physically threatens and/or harms a resident, guest, or member of the HA's staff or other authorized person, at any time, upon the project grounds, shall be considered a threat to safety, and the Resident will be given written notice to remove the pet. Consistent with local and state ordinance, the HA shall take appropriate steps to have a pet removed from the premises in the event a pet causes physical harm or bodily injury to any resident, guest, or member of the HA's staff or other authorized person, or in the event the pet owner fails to remove the pet after written notice.

  12. Infestation of a unit or adjacent units or common areas shall be the responsibility of the pet owner and such pet owner agrees to incur the costs of eradication of any infestation upon notice by the HA. In the event the pet owner does not resolve the infestation within five (5) days after adequate notice by the HA, the HA will initiate eradication and bill the resident for such cost.

  13. No pet shall be left unattended in any unit for longer that ten (10) hours. The HA will notify the SPCA of any pets that appear to be poorly cared for, left unattended in excess of the time herein stated, or in the event of mistreatment/cruelty. The resident agrees that the HA may exercise its right to enter the premises for removal of a pet, without prior notice, in the event of any emergency condition involving a pet.

  14. In the event of the death of a sole member resident, the pet owner agrees that the HA shall have discretion to dispose of the pet consistent with State guidelines unless written instructions regarding such disposal are provided to the HA by the resident, or in the event named caretakers are unwilling to take responsibility for the pet.

  15. Resident agrees to secure any pets when the HA's staff in conducting inspections, maintenance work, etc. If notice has been given of inspections/maintenance, resident agrees to secure the pet and put a notice on the outside door of the unit of the location of the pet should the resident leave the unit during the period of notice of inspection/ maintenance.

  16. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to make arrangements for pets when away from the unit for more than a ten (10) hour period. In the event of an emergency or sudden illness of a sole member of the household, the resident agrees that the HA shall have discretion with respect to the provision of care to the pet consistent with federal guidelines and at the expense of the pet owner, if applicable, and in the event the emergency contact person name herein should be unavailable.