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Gardening Program

RMHA's community gardens help unite the community and create opportunities for people to work together and learn from each other about gardening, food preparation and healthy eating.

The partners, RMHA, Down East Partnership for Children, and Conetoe Family Life Center agree to work together in the true spirit of collaboration and partnership to ensure that residents in the West End Terrace and Weeks Armstrong communities have the tools and support needed to bring about spring and fall gardens.

Down East Partnership for Children continues to provide the garden materials and supplies, plantings and seeds, and nutrition classes. Conetoe Family Life Center provides soil preparation, garden layout, and use of garden machinery as needed. 

Pictured below are Rev. Richard Joyner (left), Founder of Conetoe Family Life Center,  and dedicated garden attendant and resident, Ms. Sandra Williams (right). Contact Annie Jones at 252.407.1946 for more information.

Garden leaves harvested in a bag.      Joyner and Williams standing in the garden.