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How to Apply

Instructions to complete an online application for Rocky Mount Housing Authority:

Go to

Select start a new application. The applicant must enter their Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Last Name.

Select "Yes, I need to start a new application" and Select "Get Started".

Read ALL the information on the page and Select Start Application.

  • Step 1: The applicant will need to select the Public Housing (Low Rent) Waiting List
  • Step 2: All Terms to Accept must be accepted to proceed to the next section of the application.
  • Step 3: Enter information for Head of Household
  • Step 4: Enter the finance information (Income and Assets), Expenses, and Applicant History for the Head of Household
  • Step 5: Enter the Applicant History information- Criminal History and Federal Assisted Housing History
  • Step 6: Adding Additional Household members
  • Step 7: Enter any financial information for the additional household members such as Income and Assets. You will have to continue this process for each family member that is added to the application.
  • Step 8: Enter Emergency Contact information.
  • Step 9: Miscellaneous Information Section- Questions regarding bedroom sizes and additional questions. If you are claiming a preference, proper verification will be required.
  • Step 10: Review and Confirm your application

The applicant must review the application and make sure everything is correct. Then the applicant clicks on Submit. If your application was successfully submitted, you should receive the following message "You have successfully submitted your application".

Instructions to Update/Edit an application:

Go to

Click on view your rental application. The applicant will need to enter their Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Last Name. Select "No, I want to view my rental application" to update a currently existing application record. This brings the applicant to the application status menu. From here, they can update/edit by selecting "View Application".